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China Diesel Generators

China Diesel generators were legendary, reliable and very efficient. At the moment however we no longer import them. Back a China Diesel could be purchased for less than 1/2 the price of a modern Diesel generator. Now however the price difference is minimal. With the tight emissions standard modern Diesel engines have become fore efficient a burn much cleaner.

China Diesel Parts

We have all the China Diesel parts for your china Diesel generator. We carry parts for Shanghai Diesel generators, Changchai Diesel generators, Shenui tractors and many more. We plan to continue to stack parts indefinably. So if you own an old China Diesel generator and ant to continue to use it we have you covered.

Off grid energy

since the very begriming China Diesels were almost always the key component to a well designed off grid energy system including off grid solar inverters and battery banks.

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